Saturday, 20 April 2013

Premier blog about the zest and life of a French countryside market

Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes baby


Bella O'Keeffe Supiana to step forward with her first ever blog post!

Exciting, yes! Nervous, yes!

Here we go... On y va...

Living in the south of France is 'la creme de la creme' in a foodies world. Food is the very essence of social encounters, bringing people from different working lives together to share a glass of rose after a blissful 'dejuner'.

French markets give me a colourful buzzy feeling. You can't imagine how fresh the produce is until you see it, smell it and touch it for yourself. The different colours jump from the hand woven baskets and plastic carts. The presentation is simple. Vendors effortlessly create a piece of art for the food lovers eye.

The picture on the top left illustrates 'Coeur de boeuf' tomatoes. Just look at them! Aren't they lush?! The intense colour and smell almost knocked me out. The price tag says 'look at me' or in frenchie terms 'ACHETEZ - MOI'!! The French sun allows for the best tasting vegetables in the world.

So What Can You Expect AA French Countryside Market?

Fresh carrots

  1. Plenty of local, fresh produce
  2. The odd flirt here and there if you allow yourself to get involved in the rhythm of French madness
  3. An overly confident French man who gets the crowd going and criticises everyone elses produce 'mais... c'est une blague' (it's only a joke!)
  4. Local restaurateurs buying their bits and bobs for the lunch menu
  5. People walking around in shorts and tank tops
  6. Funny little baskets to weigh the goods
  7. Playful vendors with passion oozing out of them
  8. Huge old cooking pans

Fried potatoes - French style
A French market has so much up for grabs! It can be the most enjoyable moment in a day for me and even turn into a very educational hour or so. It can teach you a lot about a countries culture and people. Look on the right... Are you thinking of what I'm thinking?? Yes??...


When I saw these potatoes they had to be tried. Some are slightly burnt but somewhat edible! However, the taste is incredible... 1cm thick sliced potatoes tossed in a paprika and olive oil dressing, fried with smokey bacon and onions. The name: Bliss In A Pan!
Cheeky meat & fried potatoe vendor

It's taken me a couple of visits to be able to handle the 'in your face', attention seeking vendor. The advice: smile, play along, have fun and get them to smile with you!

If you ever happen to be in south France, make it your business to get to a food market in Provence- Fayence to be precise!

Much love
Bella x

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