Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Typical day at the Boulangerie

One of the best Boulangerie's is literally 1 minute away from where we live. It's a typical Frenchie bakery with fantastic bread, cakes and sunny people. On leisurely days off this place is my 'it spot'.

A simple espresso with a delightful taste of the freshest croissants and a chocolaty 'pain au chocolat' was the order of the day. It seriously wakes me up and puts a genuine smile on my face!

Sitting peacefully watching the French hustle bustle go by was soothing. An ordinary man chooses a 'cafe americano' with a light bite and joined the tiny terrace in front of the Boulangerie.

This was my opportunity to take some quality photos and of course have some fun! He was a natural! And even though I took a few photos, only one sufficed to be fit for the post today!


Bread: Should I get started?! 'French baguettes' are the bees knees in the 'bread world'. My preference = the 'Ceraine', the king of all breads in this particular family run Boulangerie. It is delicious. Crunchy. Wholesome. The seeds interwoven throughout the entire loaf give me a Funny... Happy... Sensation. If you want to go all out why not add some 'Comte' cheese and nibble with contentment? ;)

Stacking finished coffee cups and messing with my little camera was essential. Being playful at 10am is a fresh typical starting day for Bella! Passer bys looked on with smiles. Obviously thinking I was a tourist, yet not knowing that I've been living here for months and have just bought a new camera, I laughed on!!

Much love et bonne soiree!

Bella :) x

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