Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tutti Frutti Crumble with Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream

This dessert takes literally minutes to muster up. If you have friends around for dinner and prefer to
spend the evening with them rather than slaving over a hot oven then get your pens and paper out, or should I say in this day and age get your mouse and 'copy and paste'!!

Its a 'Tutti frutti' dish with attitude! Beautifully ripened peaches and raspberries are the star of this show. We better not leave out our supporting role of the Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream... Delicious in a mouthful!

So what do you need?

For 3 people

5 ripened peaches
1 punnet of fresh raspberries
3 tbsp. brown sugar (more if you have a sweet tooth, less if your up for a sharp twist!)
1/2 packet of English Digestive biscuits
1 packet of English Shortbread
150grs of flaky almonds
3 scoops of Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream

How to bring it all together -

  • Roughly cut the peaches (remember were not looking for fancy, we want to spend time with our friends!) and throw them into a sauce pan along with the fresh raspberries
  • Add the  tbsp. of brown sugar and let it all stew together - should take 10 to 15 minutes
  • Put your ice cream into the fridge to soften
  • In the meantime get your packet of English Shortbread and 1/2 packet of English Digestive biscuits and put them into with a blender or even easier get them into a clean tea towel and smash them around the place like a crazy person until you get a beautifully fine crumble!
  • Mix the crumbled mix with the flaky almonds in a baking tray - then pop them into a piping hot oven until brown and moreish!
  • They will take roughly 5 - 10 minutes depending on the heat, but take them out once during the cooking and give then a turn and shake to ensure the entire tray gets a good blast of heat!
This isn't your typical crumble... We aren't going to bake it all together like the traditional one... It's even easier...
  • The minute that fruit is done, the dish is done! You have the crumble crisping in the oven which is more than done and the ice cream softening in the fridge
  • So get some bowls and fill them 1/2 ways with the sweet fruit, spoon over loads of that deliciously crunchy crumble and lob on some ice cream! C'est tous as the French man said...
I can hear chimes of 'yummmmm, emmmmmm, yesss'... Because it is just that! It cannot be simpler, it's the perfect dessert for a busy evening with loads of sweet tooth's around the house!

Enjoy, over indulge, have a great time cooking and socialising with friends!

Bella :) x

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