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I’m Bella, a 21 year old food fanatic and I have big plans of eating my way around the entire world! I was born in Java, Indonesia – so I am a ‘cappuccino’ as one Indonesian man called me (a mixture of brown coffee from my Dad and white milk from my Mom…) or just simply put – half Irish / half Indonesian! I live in the west of Ireland with my Mom, Bernie and twin sister, Ayessa.

My Moms dream was to travel around the world – and that she did. I have an inkling that I am following in her footsteps. As for my twin, when we are not fighting –  I spend time cooking for her and she spends time practicing her artistic makeup ideas on me!

Mangetout, my food and travel blog is a place for me to write about the things I have come to learn about food and the world. I have just come back from living in the south of France for 1 year and a half. I was an intern, studying abroad for college. In 2014 I took a gap year from my studies to embark on a 7 month food and exploration expedition around south east Asia. At the end of my first major trip I decided to leave college and work towards a career in the food industry! This blog is going to be my cyber journal of all the things I discover both foodie and travel wise.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

An Italian Classic: Tomato & Mozzarella Salad

Tomato & Mozzarella salad... An Italian classic, need we say more? Its simplicity is luring! So many people think simple is heading off to buy some take out from the local 'chip shop'.

Well I am here to tell you that this is not the case! This dish is tasty, yes.. But also quite healthy! Yeah I know your eating a whole mozzarella ball (YUM!). But isn't it better than scoffing on a 'Big Mac' or ' Taco Frie'?! I think so...

So this little beauty is easy to make. Having fresh basil is essential. It will leave a fresh taste and make you want more and more when it's finished! It literally takes 10-20 minutes to make and leaves you feeling yummy inside.So get your chef aprons out and start cooking a storm of Italian freshness!

PS... If your in a stinker of a mood, the tomato crushing works a treat ;)

Per person
1 mozzarella ball
6 cherry tomatoes
3 basil leafs
Sea salt
Coarse ground pepper
Olive oil

o   Wash tomatoes & dry with a tea towel.

o   Cut the beautiful cherry tomatoes in half & add to a mixing bowl.

o   Add sea salt and coarse ground pepper to the mixing bowl.

o   With all your might, squeeze and squish the tomatoes! (We want the sweet juicy flavour!) When you see a pool of water you know your up for a delicious snack!

o   Leave the tomatoes on the counter top to rest for about 20 – 30 minutes: this allows for the juices to mix together.

o   Wash basil leafs and carefully tare into little pieces.

o   Drain the mozzarella and dry with a piece of kitchen paper.

o   Cut into 1cm slices or slightly bigger or smaller, depending on your liking.

o   Plate up the mozzarella.

o   Go back to the tomatoes and give them a mix. Add the pieces of basil and mix together.

o   Plate the tomatoes just beside the mozzarella.

o   Sprinkle sea salt and coarse ground pepper over the mozzarella.

o   Drizzle olive oil over the dish.

o   Scatter ‘helicopter basil leafs’ and neatly arrange basil leafs over the creamy mozzarella.

To serve

Break off a piece of your favourite bread, tuck in & don't forget to suck up all those precious juices ;)

Bon appetito!

Bella :) x